Combining tailoring silhouette of menswear and maximal femininity, the collection is presented under the theme “Tous Ensemble” (all together). 





Editor Andrew Kim talks with creative director Jungae Jang on LUCKY CHOUETTE and its 2020 F/W Collection while sharing her personal stories and thoughts.


Q. Was becoming a fashion designer a dream of yours since you were young?

Growing up beside my father, who worked in the fashion industry, I had thoughts of pursuing a career in clothing design since I was young. However, because my father disapproved of women making apparel at the time, I initially majored in theater. As I encountered stage costumes and various types of garments throughout my studies, my enthusiasm for clothing sparked light and I eventually majored in fashion design. My love for arts grew since, my sphere of interest widening to music and film.

Q. What are some difficulties managing two distinct brands, Lucky Chouette and Lucky Marche, at the same time?

Lack of time is the hardest part. Sometimes I find myself considering whether I have enough time to visit the restroom or not. As a business, we must meet deadlines and thus I believe working efficiently and having fun throughout the process is the most important part. Instead of ordering things to do vertically, I like to establish a horizontal organization where employees can freely share their opinions and bring their thoughts to reality. Upon visiting our office, you could witness many of our staff, including I, wearing clothes we create on an everyday basis. I feel lucky to be in the position to design and create apparel that I desire and would wear myself. Perhaps, that is why the process feels less exhausting to me. A “lucky” woman, I could say.

Q. Where do you usually find your source of inspiration from?

Obviously, we keep track of recent collections and trends to see what types of cloth- ing are being produced and consumed by the public. However, because our label’s motto is “uniqueness,” we stray from being heavily influenced by designs and trends set by other brands. Instead, we strive to create our own trend. I find inspiration from various sources. It may come from a word, a moment in a movie, or a feeling I felt after watching an opera.

Q. Could you talk to us shortly about the differences in between the two apparel lines and what they intend to achieve?

Lucky Chouette’s brand DNA is “uniqueness.” Our target is to propose “uniqueness” that suits the current generation and to design apparel that is irreplaceable. Lucky Marche’s primary concept is to produce unisex-wear that communicates with customers and shares a positive message. Creating fine clothing is now fundamental. I believe what distinguishes a talented creative director from who is not is how well he/ she can incorporate storytelling into clothing and establish an intimate connection with its customers.

Q. Lucky Chouette was nominated the Merit Recognition award at the Design for Asia Award 2019. Could you share with us your impressions?

I am forever grateful. Thankful for all our customers who continue to love and support our brand. For a business to become successful, being unique is not enough. Realistically, it must achieve sales and constantly be sought after in order to maintain and ultimately move forward. I feel beholden to have acquired a group of fanatics who purchase our apparel season after season. Enthusiasts who wear our clothes with confidence regardless of its uniqueness. The award feels like a recognition of hard work and immense dedication.

Q. FASSION Vol.4’s main theme is ‘favorite.’ Is there a moment or achievement in life that you could point out as your favorite?

Because I am always chased by time and surrounded around people, I cherish moments when I am alone. Driving to work while listening to my list of music is my favorite time of the day. My playlist includes music of all genres: classic, hip-hop, jazz… It is my unique healing moment.



 Photographer : Hyunjin Park

Models : Anna Tihonchuk and Eszter Szegváry

Interviewee : Jungae Jang

Editor : Andrew Kim

Stylist : Raymond Chae

Hair Artist : Woojun Kim

Make-up Artist : Young Lee